Model View Controller toolset for Wordpress projects


An expressive application layer

Strata allows you to organize your code outside of the template engine. It encourages and is built around object-oriented programming concepts.

It keeps Wordpress's features and interaction with filters, actions and plugins unmodified while doing so.



Centralized SQL queries

Strata models wrap default Wordpress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies in a layer of abstraction that allows descriptive SQL query chaining and concept binding.

Centralized query management eases development by simplifying complex fetches and by allowing the integration of new features easily.



Code with intent

Spend less time removing default Wordpress behavior and more time writing descriptive and testable application behavior.

Strata will allow you to build an application without counting exclusively on plugins that cannot possibly answer your custom use case.


Get to know Strata

Strata provides a development environment which features concepts often seen in other MVC solutions found in multiple programming languages.

It eases the development of the more complex and tailored Wordpress applications by separating logic and presentation.

In doing so the code is easier to manage by teams of developers or by you, two months after the project is completed.