The query is a cache of filters that will be eventually sent to get_terms. It allows chaining and object-oriented manipulations of database queries.


    class TaxonomyQuery extends Query {
    • // Inherited members from Query
    • protected array $filters;




    • $filters — array
    • $filters — array
      A list of WP_Query filters. Defaults to a list of published posts ordered by name alphabetically unpaged.
    • $postId — int
    • $taxnomony — string
    • $termLookupMode — array



    Inherited from Strata\Model\CustomPostType\Query


    • andRelationToPostIn() — Takes in a resultsets and maps it to a 'post__in' condition to port the results to the main query.
    • carryOverIncompatibleQueries() — If previous meta queries are set, they may prevent the combination of both 'AND' and 'OR' relation. Carries over the exclusive fields as a list of IDs to apply in a Query with a new meta_query relation type.
    • executeFilteredQuery() — Executes the query based on the current filters.
    • logQueryCompletion() — Logs the completion time of the database query.
    • logQueryStart() — Sets the beginning microtime of when the query has begun reading the database.
    • metaWhere() — This does not actually set the meta_query parameter. It is used to build a more complex AND/OR logical fetch.
    • relationsToQueries() — Interprets the branching queries into resultsets that will be applied to the main query
    • taxWhere() — This does not actually set the meta_query parameter. It is used to build a more complex AND/OR logical fetch.


    • applyFilters() — Applies multiple filters to the current query in one pass.
    • date() — Adds a 'data_query' condition
    • direction() — Adds an 'order' condition
    • fetch() — Fetches the set matching the current state of the filters.
    • getFilters() — Gets the list of active filters.
    • getRelationQuery() — Fetches a special relation query
    • hasRelationQuery() — Confirms if there is a special filter for a relation query.
    • limit() — Sets the 'post_per_page' condition on the current query.
    • listing() — Returns a custom listing based on the search results.
    • offset() — Sets the 'offset' condition on the current query.
    • orWhere() — Allows for branching of query conditions.
    • orderby() — Adds an 'orderby' condition.
    • paginate() — Paginates the current query using paginate_links()
    • prepareRelationFilter() — Prepopulates a special relation query
    • query() — Executes the query using the current filters.
    • resetQueryRelation() — Removes the query relationships that matter only to Strata.
    • setQueryRelation() — Sets a new relationship query.
    • status() — Adds a 'post_status' condition
    • type() — Adds a 'post_type' condition
    • where() — Adds any type of condition.