The FormHelper is an objects that helps create forms in the view files.

It automates the handling of ModelEntities.


    class FormHelper extends Helper {



    Line Task
    14+ Complete the integration of the configurable trait
    + Move to the configurable array





    • $keys — array




    • button() — Generates a button
    • create() — Opens up a form tag
    • end() — Closes a form tag
    • generateInlineErrors() — Generates the inline error messages for a field named $postName
    • honeypot() — Generates a honeypot field named $name.
    • id() — Generates an id from a field name
    • input() — Generates an input field
    • name() — Generates a valid field name
    • submit() — Generates a submit button

    Inherited from Strata\View\Helper\Helper


    Inherited from Strata\Core\StrataObjectTrait


    • factory() — Instantiates an object that uses the StrataObjectTrait which class name matches the $name value.
    • generateClassName() — Generates a valid class name from the $name value.
    • generateClassPath() — Generates a possible namespace and classname combination of a Strata objecy. Mainly used to avoid hardcoding the '\\View\\Helper\\' string everywhere (or whatever else would the namespace have been).
    • getClassNameSuffix() — Returns the default class name suffix for this object.
    • getFactoryScopes() — Returns scopes in which Strata will look in to load objects.
    • getNamespaceStringInStrata() — Returns the default namespace path.
    • getShortName() — Returns this object's class name without the full namespace.
    • staticFactory() — Instantiates an object of the current class.

    Inherited from Strata\Core\StrataConfigurableTrait


    • normalizeConfiguration() — Normalizes the configuration cache. This will only run once on the object. It is mainly a safegard against a badly configured value cache.


    • configure() — Instantiate the configuration cache to the state supplied by $config.
    • containsConfigurations() — Returns whether the configuration cache contains something.
    • extractConfig() — Intelligently extract data from the configuration array.
    • getConfig() — Fetches a value in the configuration array
    • getConfiguration() — Returns the object's complete configuration cache.
    • hasConfig() — Confirms the presence of a value in the custom post type's configuration array
    • setConfig() — Saves a value in the object's configuration array for the duration of the runtime.