What is it?

Framework that follows conventions

Strata aims to provide a stable and complete web development framework for Wordpress. It enforces common PHP conventions and reusable object oriented concepts.

Packaged as a stand-alone developing environment similar to CakePHP and Rails’, Strata allows you to dissociate business logic code from the template files while maintaining a clean and valid Wordpress installation.

A toolbox for expressive code

With Strata, you can perform routing that will route urls to Controller classes as an elegant way of maintaining complex code. Complex querying and entity attributes are handled by Models and Model Entities. The template files are therefore only used to present data that has been prepared outside of the view file.

Compatible with everything

Strata does not change the normal Wordpress flow and the default plugin integration. This means you may continue using any of the tools you may already use in a regular Wordpress installation along side Strata.