When should I use it?

You should use Strata for applications that have one or more of the following traits:

  • Contains many database queries
  • It connects to APIs or remote databases
  • Is built from a good number of custom page templates
  • Many of these pages display content outside of the main loop
  • Is focused on slugs (or permalinks) that do not change at runtime
  • Codebase needs to be shared across a team

When to not use it

Strata is not intended for everything. For one thing it’s absolutely not trying to replace complete standalone frameworks like CakePHP or Ruby on Rails. It is also not attempting to over-engineer a simple Wordpress blog.

You should not use Strata when :

  • You are doing a run-of-the-mill blog
  • You intend on using plugins for many of the core features
  • You are not the backend type and lack technical know-how of object oriented programming

In other words

Strata works best when you have to deliver mid-sized to large CMS oriented Wordpress projects which are developed within an organization.

It is at its most elegant when used by an empowered developer that codes outside of The Loop and is not comfortable relying on plugins for core application features.